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GrooveFix™ – The Ultimate Golf Club Groove Cleaner and Sharpener

The grooves in your irons are designed to enable ball control and spin. Continued club use can not only fill the grooves with debris but can also damage the groove edge.
The GrooveFix™ precision golf club groove sharpener will bring new life back into your golf clubs as it cleans the grooves and restores their original sharpness. The result is greater ball control and backspin.

Our unique groove sharpener is precision ground and engineered to exacting tolerences to ensure that it does not compromise the R&A and USGA rules regarding width and depth.

GrooveFix™ groove sharpener sharpens all 'v' and 'u' shaped grooves.

How to use your groove sharpener

To bring life back into your clubs, especially wedges, should take no more than ten minutes per club.

Don't rush the process.

The GrooveFix is a sharp, precision made tool produced using hardened and ground M2 tool steel (63-65 Rc) so it should be used with care and with gentle force.

Place your club on a towel or cloth on a well-illuminated table. Examine the face of the club carefully. You will see that if it is a well used club the groove are probably partially filled with debris and that also the face of the club has minor deformities caused by continual hitting of the ball, sand, stones and other debris. The edges of the grooves have become uneven and have lost their original precision.

Clean any loose dirt off with a damp cloth. Dry the club-face and apply masking tape at either end of the grooves to help prevent any orverrun scratching.

Hold the GrooveFix™ tool firmly and locate the precision ground tip with one of its "corners" into a groove.
Ensure you work with the sharpener at an angle and do not place the tip flat into the groove as this will not work.

Gently draw the tip along the groove ensuring that it does not slip and overrun at the ends.

As you repeat this process you will gradually draw out the debris and you will feel the tip "biting" and removing the deformed metal. The GrooveFixtool can then be inclined and pressure increases as the tool is traversed within the groove and its edges are realigned.

When the tool slides evenly along the groove and the bottom of the groove and the paint (if any) is revealed the cleaning and renovating process is complete for that groove. Repeat the process for each groove on the face of the club.

When completed, clean the face of the club with a damp cloth.